Good Luck

   When it comes to dating, there are certain catch phrases that you learn to recognize. The most harsh and cruel of these phrases is “Good Luck”. It sounds like a nice thing to say. It seems well meaning and courteous.
   In the dating world, ” Good Luck” is what you hear when the other interested party is dismissing you. “Good Luck” is akin to ‘Thanks for your application, we’ve decided to go with someone else’. I’ve been ‘Good Luck’ed for being too far away, too heavy, and who not being a career woman.
   Most recently, I was ‘Good Luck’ed because I called a man out on his shit. We were both going out of town for the weekend to the same area. We agreed to meet up while there, but never made specific plans. I texted him a few times over the course of the weekend, but he never responded ( even though I saw him online at the dating site). Finally, I saw him online at the dating site again and sent him a message there. In his profile he complained that nobody really wanted to meet. I told him that was ironic. He sent back a message that his son had broken his foot and he had been out of town in another location all weekend.
If that were the case, you could send a quick text, we all know it doesn’t take long. Be respectful and courteous with other people’s time and feelings, just as you want them to be with you.


6 thoughts on “Good Luck

  1. For men online dating is like writing stories: you embellish to make the story interesting and appealing, you use the right words to build up anticipation and intrigue and once you’ve got the reader captured, you give them an ending they least expected – either being left asking, WTF or ‘I don’t get it’ (aka, another use to build up any secondary story or keep them hooked for further writings)… 🙂
    In theory, online dating always sounds better to the reader, the reality, the book is something that can be found currently at Goodwill and the only sold copies are usually from the writer/his (her) friends as well…

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  2. So interesting, I recently called a guy out on his b.s. as well. Here’s how I interpret this guy and his actions: he’s addicted to online dating (a.k.a. “looking.” He gets the same thrill out of clicking and looking at ads as women get window shopping. And even though he insists he wants to date and meet, he just can’t pull himself way from looking, clicking and chasing.

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