I’m trying hard to remember that worry does not solve any problems. Neither my financial aid from school nor my support payment that is now being deducted automatically from my ex-husbands paycheck have arrived. I was unable to pay my rent, and received a three day notice to pay in full or vacate the premises. I still can’t believe that I am in this situation. I am not the kind of person who finds themselves unable to pay the rent. Luckily, I have a friend who is such a dear friend that I didn’t even have to ask to borrow the money. Not only do I need to pay my rent, but my car needs gas and we are just about out of groceries. Luckily, I started doing rideshare driving and I will at least have some money from that coming this week.
   On top of money stress, my cousin passed away last night. We weren’t close. He was 15 years older than me and lived halfway across the country. I remember him coming to visit once when I was little. But he is still a blood relative. The worst thing about his passing is that it was a car accident that was his own fault. His car crossed the yellow line. He went head on into another car and took the other driver with him. There is a chance that he had been drinking and the family of the other driver may sue. So on top of losing their brother, and now having to deal with his hoarder house, my cousins may face litigation.
   Through all of this, I am remembering how fortunate I am and how much worse off so very many people are. This is just a temporary situation for me, and I will be back on my feet again soon.


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