I’m Ready

   I hate to admit it, since I keep telling my friend that I am not ready for fall or to think about the holidays…but I actually am wanting to decorate my little oasis. I’m craving pumpkin shaped knick knacks, cozy throws, and little changes that would signify the coming season.
   It’s been about six months, and although I still haven’t fully gotten the place fixed up, I’m craving a refresh. I would love to get the seating issue solved so that I can comfortably have folks over for once. Must. Work. On. Chairs.
   I’ll have to dig through the stuff in the garage and pull out some fall decor to freshen up the bookcase. I have managed to figure out how to care for one of my two houseplants. The Fern is not doing so well, but I haven’t killed it yet. Since the one is doing well, I think I can add a couple more similar plants. As a reward, you know…for keeping the one alive.
   Best places to watch for holiday decor items…Target Dollar Spot, Dollar Tree,  and close out stores like Ross, etc. I can’t wait to have some money again so that I can get working on all of this!


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