Rules of Engagement

   We don’t like to think about dating as being a game, but really it is….just like war. There is protocol and rules, and we shouldn’t be surprised at what happens when we don’t follow them.
   Rule #1
The first to make a move gives away the power.
This can be a good or bad thing in dating. You are interested, so you make a move. This lets the other person know that you have an interest, but it also leaves the ball in the other person’s court.
   Rule #2
Silence IS an answer.
Ok, it may not be the answer that you wanted to hear, but when someone doesn’t answer us, we need to stop thinking there was something more they wanted to say.
   Rule #3
You set the tone of your relationship by your interactions. If you are sexting, sending naked pics, and divulging details of your sex life before ever meeting someone, then don’t be surprised if they expect to sleep with you on the first date. You have basically told this person you have no interest in getting to know them beyond sex. Don’t be surprised when the receiver of these messages does not view you as a potential long term partner or treats you sub-par.
   Rule #4
If you are viewing a dating profile that is not filled out, has a bunch of shirtless selfies, or goes by a user name with a sexual connotation….there is a reason. Don’t over think it, and don’t expect more effort in person than they have put into their profile.
When people tell you who they are, believe them!
If your date let’s slip that they are a workaholic, an alcoholic, (an anything that ends in olic), or have “issues” of some kind- believe them. It’s not a joke, and you don’t want to be around to see how serious it gets.


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