Oh, the Feels!

   I knew this morning when I asked Kiddo if they had talked to their dad about picking them up from school today that something was wrong. The look on Kiddo’s face said it all. I tried to ignore it and get ready for the school drop. I already had a million things that I have to do swirling around in my head.
   On the ride to school it came up again. “I don’t want to go to dad’s” they told me. Boom. There it was. They wouldn’t tell me why, but their eyes shone with tears. Unfortunately, that decision is up to my ex. It is “his” weekend with them, so he has to agree. I am still waiting to hear what he says.
   I love having more time with Kiddo, but I did have plans of getting schoolwork done and doing some rideshare driving this evening. Life as a single parent is noting if not unpredictable!


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