Exhausting Day

   Yesterday was a very odd day. The night before, an old friend stopped by on his way back home. A friend that I have known and loved since I was 13, but hadn’t seen in person in 26 years. We stayed up drinking beer and catching up until almost 3 in the morning, then got up at 7 and went on a hike. It was fantastic to see him in person, to exchange stories and ideas and hear about each other’s lives. He headed out in the afternoon, and exhaustion hit me.
   Yesterday was the first day back to school for my Kiddo. High school class in the morning, and a Spanish class at the college in the evening. As I was coming home from dropping them off for class, I could tell the storm that I had been seeing people post about on FB in the surrounding areas was headed our way. Sure enough, there was lightening, thunder, and heavy rain in patches (although not at my house). I got an automated text from the college saying due to the storm, stay in your classroom if you are on campus. I knew that wasn’t good, so I headed out to pick up Kiddo. They called as I was getting in the car- the teacher had ended class early. I told them to wait in the classroom, I was on my way. Just as I was coming up to the college, I got another automated text reiterating to stay in your classroom if you are on campus, and adding that if you are not on campus to not try to reach campus. Sure enough, the whole road in front of the college was flooded out and closed down by police. Traffic was being diverted into a shopping center, so I pulled in and parked to assess the situation. I called Kiddo to make sure they were safe and let them know that I could not currently get to them. Kiddo told me that the teacher had just left- saying he lived down the hill. He kicked three young ladies out of his classroom, into the storm, in the dark, after the college had advised them to stay put. I was livid! I knew that my friend was teaching a class on campus at that time, so I called her and left a message. I called Kiddo back, and after realizing that there was no way in or out of the college by car at that time, I advised her to walk up to our friends building. She would at least be inside, in the light, and in the company of other teachers and students. My friend called and I let her know what was going on. They decided to wait in her office until further notice, and I waited in Target across the street. After about an hour, a message that campus was closed for the night came through- it said to exit and drive safely. At that point, it would have been very difficult for my friend to go in the direction that I was so she decided to just take Kiddo home with her to spend the night. Kiddo has spent many a night at my friends house, in fact we were roommates for a while. It was very nice to know that there was someone on campus to take care of my child even if I couldn’t get there. I am blessed to have such a good friend in such a favorable position to help me.
   After the stress of that, I headed home for sugar and alcohol. I realized that my ex-boyfriend hadn’t called me back (not a surprise, since he knew that I wanted to talk and he hates doing it). We chit chatted for a while, and then we got down to the nitty gritty. It does take some pulling to get him to talk ( and we even talked about why we need to talk), but he is getting better about it once he gets started. It sounds like we are finally on the same page with things. We both know that it is going to be a long hard road to get to a place where we can move forward. He is still hesitant. I hurt him, and I will have to prove to him that it won’t happen again. We had a really good talk, one of many to come I hope.


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