Dinner with the Ex

   Last night, I met up with my ex-boyfriend for dinner. The restaurant that we chose was super busy (hour and 20 min wait!) , so we opted for eating at the bar. It was noisy ( but part of that noise was some killer live music), and cramped, but it reminded me of places I loved in Austin.
   It was nice to catch up with him and hear what the family is up to. He’s a natural storyteller and I love his voice, so I could listen to him all night….except that he knows how to draw me into the conversation, and does it regularly so that we are talking together and nobody dominates. We shared a plate of ribs. Just this simple act reminds me of what I love about him. He cut the ribs into portions for us, and plated out half the sides so that we each got half. Maybe it’s just because he’s been a dad for so long, but I appreciate the little ways in which he takes care of me.
   He was very careful to keep his hands off of me during dinner, which is unusual for him since he’s a very touchy-feely guy. By the end of dinner, I just wanted to wrap his arms around me and make him hold me. He walked me to my car and I told him that I would drive him to his car.
   I really wasn’t sure if he would, but when we got into the car he leaned over and kissed me. I have missed those kisses. I love his taste, his scent, and the feel of his body against me. He’s always had this habit of saying things (not sexual things, but yes those too) when we are being intimate, and last night was no exception. He said he has a lot of things to work out. This is not news to me, and I am no different. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to be with him. We kissed and touched and enjoyed each other without getting crazy. The sound he makes when I nibble his ear is the sexiest thing ever.
   I invited him over, knowing that he would probably decline….and he did. He spent a lot of time thinking, and some day soon I am going to ask him to tell me what was going through his head. Communication is so difficult for him that I have to tread very carefully. I want to work on it with him, but it will have to be in baby steps.


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