Doors and Windows

   I think that I’m through with Popcorn. We had our fourth date tonight and I realized that he has never asked me one fucking question about myself. He spends all of our time together relating not quite so funny stories about himself. When I manage to get a word in edgewise, he makes no comment about it and just goes on with another of his stories.
   Tonight, he made a few comments about kids that really made me cringe. I realized that his attitude about kids seems on par with his attitude about most people. Not cool.
   When we are ordering food, he never discusses it with me. It seems indicative of a bigger communication problem. When we were saying our goodbyes, (still no kiss, thankfully) instead of asking me if I were available next weekend he just said that we will have to do something fun next weekend. At this point he is assuming more than what there is.
   Maybe I am just in a grumpy mood, but I am thinking that I don’t need anymore Popcorn.
   After my date, I called my ex-boyfriend and we talked a little while. I just wanted to make sure he was not upset from the other night. He seemed OK, and we may meet up tomorrow night.


5 thoughts on “Doors and Windows

  1. I was just about to write about this! I’ve been on so many dates like this! Not one question and I’m the one carrying the conversation. It’s so weird. People cannot be this dysfunctional, can they?


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