The Circle Back

   This is a classic dating move. It doesn’t matter where you met, or how long you talked or dated. At some point, you stopped. There was no ugly break up, you just drifted apart…leaving it open for the circle back.
   This smooth move is some form of contact (text, phone call, email, social media activity, etc) designed to test the waters and see if you are open to reestablishing what you had before (irregardless if that was a text only thing, casual sex, or a committed relationship)
   There are only two answers to this query….no answer, blocking, or a very final, very negative message such as “drop dead” or “eff off!” Anything else means yes.
   Sometimes we don’t realize that we are saying yes at first. Any engagement at all is a yes, and will be met with pursuit. Don’t wonder why this douchebag from your past won’t leave you alone if you engaged with him. You have, in essence, told him that you’re interested.


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