Your Happiness Makes me Sad

   The other night, I was talking to my friends live in boyfriend. He casually mentioned that he wants to take my friend to Hawaii to propose.
   My heart sank. That’s it, I thought. As little as I see her now, I will never see her once they are married. As little as we have in common now, we won’t have anything in common after they are married. As much as her life has changed since we became friends, it will change again completely once she’s married.
   We went through our divorces together, we were single together, we dated together, and I actually lived with her at the beginning of her relationship with him. She doesn’t even know it yet, but I am losing my friend.
   I want to be happy for her, but I just can’t get there yet. I will get there. I will wish her well and kiss her goodbye with a tear in the corner of my eye, and not one of happiness.


7 thoughts on “Your Happiness Makes me Sad

  1. I just started blogging a couple of weeks ago and you were one of the first blogs I followed, for no other reason than you read my bullshit. I have been engrossed by your blog these last few days. You remain anonymous, and I really like that. You are not trying to sell anything and it makes me genuinely want to go back and read your posts, which I have done. I enjoy your literal voice and after reading many of your posts, have become an actual fan of you. I don’t know much about this medium, but I am guessing that is pretty rare. I can already tell that I am really pulling for you. Can’t wait to hear about the 3rd date!

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  2. Your posts really resonate with me. It took me a long time after my divorce to get to a place where I could be happy for the couples around me. It doesn’t last forever. A long time, but not forever.

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