Third Time’s a Charm

   When we went to the comedy show the other night, we got free tickets to a local baseball game. That led naturally to a third date with Popcorn. It was more of the same as the last two dates. Pleasant conversation, natural silences (we’re both introverts, and it’s good for me that not every second has to be full of conversation- plus, we were watching the game), and a generally good time. Each time we go out, I learn a little bit more about him. It’s been a natural progression.
   It’s nice that there hasn’t been any pressure at all to get physical (he did sit directly next to me this time without an empty seat between us), but I am wondering at what point it will come up, and how it will go. He’s obviously not a touchy-feely person in general, and I am. I go to a bar and run into my friends boyfriend, and touch him more than I have touched Popcorn. I have been holding back, both because I’m just not sure yet where this is going, and because I don’t want to make him uncomfortable.
   There is much that I enjoy about Popcorn. He seems organized, dedicated, and loyal. He has friends, hobbies, and goals. He has a decent job, and is going to school to try and get a better job that he would love. It does concern me that he has never been in a long term relationship before (the longest was a year), but as I get to know him it sort of makes sense.
   He always texts me good morning. We usually chat for a bit, then I will hear from him in the afternoon or when he’s done with work. I also always get a good night text. He has a great work schedule- he’s usually home by 4 and has every other Friday off. He really seems to listen to me (much better than I listen to him, I admit). He will remember something that I said in conversation and be able to incorporate it. The other day I said that I was craving Chinese food. He suggested a place that is actually my favorite local spot. I just got take out that night, but yesterday he asked me to dinner on Friday, and suggested that place. I love that on Monday he’s asking me to dinner Friday. He already has a place picked, and a time. I always know exactly where I stand with him. He let me know that he would be out of town next weekend as soon as he made the plans. He’s very considerate.
   Even with all of this, I’m concerned. I’m concerned that he will be another guy that can’t really communicate ( because apparently, that’s what I like). I’m concerned that the physical aspect won’t really come together.  It’s difficult to have come out of a relationship with consistently amazing sex, and to have to think about someone new. And I’m concerned that his life is just too full already, although I don’t think this is really the case. He’s already talked about me meeting his friends. But he also talks about wanting to move…


5 thoughts on “Third Time’s a Charm

  1. I understand all these concerns. Dating is hard! I will add my 2 cents for what it’s worth. (Probably only 2 cents – lol). I haven’t been in long term relationships either and I’m always afraid people are going to hold that against me. It has nothing to do with not wanting to be, it’s more of a knowing what I want and don’t want and not settling thing. I obviously can’t speak for Popcorn but it seems like y’all have a good thing going. I hope it continues (especially since I like reading about it!)

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