Unexpected but Appreciated

   This morning, I got an unexpected text from my ex-boyfriend. It was unexpected because the last time we texted, I told him that I had a fantasy about us being able to work through some of our issues without our families being involved. Let’s be real, I was talking about HIS family, and HIS issue of not communicating. He loled the idea, and when I said I wished he was open to working on things he never replied. Silence is it’s own answer, I realize that.
  So when he texted me this morning, I was surprised. I had posted something on FB (where we are still friends), and he was asking about that. He was checking up on me- or that was his pretense, anyway. I know that he still cares about my well- being, and it’s sweet.
   We chatted back and forth for a little while, just chit- chat. I always like hearing from him, I probably always will. I will probably always wish that things worked out differently, and I feel a little bit guilty about moving forward with someone new and still feeling that way.


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