Second Dates are Twice as Nice

   Tonight was my second date with Popcorn. He had suggested another movie, but not one that I wanted to see. He asked if there was something else that I wanted to do, so I suggested a local comedy show. I’ve been wanting to check it out for a while but never had anyone to go with.
   He thought that was a great idea, so we met there when the doors opened. We know now that was way too early since the show didn’t start until 45 minutes after it was supposed to. We ordered some drinks and a pizza. I know that my stomach doesn’t like pizza, but every once in a while I eat it anyway, and then I remember why I shouldn’t eat it. The whole last half of the show I was regretting that pizza.
   We had some time before the show to talk a little bit, which was nice. The comics were funny, but the host was the funniest. At the very end of the night, he was talking directly to us- asking where we were from, etc. When it came out that we were on our second date, he gave us a pair of tickets to a local baseball game. The game is this Saturday, so that will be our third date. Popcorn likes this local team, so that was a nice bonus for him- and I actually like baseball….oh! I can wear my baseball hat! Ok, it’s actually an Indian Motorcycle baseball hat, but still.
   Normally, I would linger a little more after a date, but because of my stomach I just wanted to get home. Popcorn was having an awkward moment, and I could tell that he wanted to kiss me but I wasn’t ready yet. I gave him a hug and jumped into my car.
   When I got home, there was a text asking me to let him know when I got home and saying what a great time he had. The baseball game should be really fun- and hot dogs don’t usually bother my stomach like pizza does!


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