My Vagina, My Decision

   Last night, I joined some friends at a local bar for karaoke. Yes, it was a Tuesday, but this is our traditional night for hanging out. There is only one gay bar in the extended area, so it’s busy even on weeknights. (Some of my friends are lesbians, but we all enjoy this place) Lots of regulars, and the owner is behind the bar.
   One of the regulars is a bearded young man with a great set of pipes. I had asked my friend about him a couple weeks ago, since I saw her talking to him. She said he was in his 20’s, and I told her at that point that I was not interested. Last night, she told me that he’s actually 20…and insisted in introducing me.
   All of my girlfriends were making comments, pushing me to hook up with that young pup. He then came back to our table and told us that he has a house, a car, and a good job. My girlfriends were practically going wild. I’m the only single one, and sometimes they try to live vicariously through me. I explained that I’m not interested. He’s a year older than my son. He’s a regular at this bar. We have nothing in common.
   He then came back and showed us a picture of his baby. He’s divorced. His wife cheated on him. He wants to see the kid every day, so he lets his ex and her boyfriend live in his house with the baby. Even if I were interested, and even if I just wanted a casual thing- I would no longer be. Too much drama. No wonder this straight guy spends his evenings at a gay bar- it’s 18+ and he’s not old enough to get into other bars.
   Even after his confession about his living situation, my girlfriends were pushing me to get together with this guy. I don’t understand it, and I don’t appreciate it. It’s not funny, and I feel harassed.


7 thoughts on “My Vagina, My Decision

  1. DON’T do it – your right on your instincts, too much drama. Hook-ups are best for you just NEED it, but even then you have to have some sort of feelings/chemistry. I remember those days between my divorce and current relationship – man did it suck! Even more-so that I am older – options are limited, but I’m also too blunt. LOL Love that your enjoying YOU as you try dating, that is the safest/sanest thing to do…


  2. “I’m the only single one and sometimes they try to live vicariously through me.” If ever there were a line that described me – that’s the one! LOL I totally get it. I love my friends but sometimes I can’t even.


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