Feeling Bad in a Good Way

   Lately, I have been doing a  close by hike in the mornings before it gets hot. The hike is not very long, but there is a pretty good change in attitude, and it’s a very popular route. Some mornings, a boot camp fitness class uses the initial incline for their workouts. They also blast their music- which can be heard all the way to the top of the hike.
   Yesterday, I brought my headphones and put some music on my phone to listen to while I was hiking. I put on a station designed for endurance training, so it had a good beat.
  I definitely kept up a good pace, and I also took less rest stops than I usually do. I could feel the difference, but I felt good. This morning, I woke up sore. More sore than I have been in a long time. It was a surprising reminder that I am growing and pushing myself. It’s a good thing, even if it’s uncomfortable.


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