Tinder Tension

   One of the worst things about online dating
in such a small area is that the pool is shallow. It doesn’t matter what app or site you join up for, you will end up seeing familiar faces. Sometimes it’s just profiles that you’ve seen elsewhere. Let’s face it, anyone seriously looking joins more than one site, anyway. Other times it’s a person you have chatted with or even met. You weren’t interested, or there wasn’t a connection- you both moved on. Occasionally, you will find someone that you actually know.
   This has happened to me several times. Every time I reinstall Tinder, this happens. The latest one was a guy that I went out with a few times. He was a mysogonist- I’m not sure how I missed that at first. I always think it’s funny that I am probably coming up on their Tinder, too. I wonder which way they are swiping. No, I don’t- they’re guys. They’re swiping right and waiting for the ping. Sorry, Charlie!


7 thoughts on “Tinder Tension

      1. If I had a bike and camping equipment, didn’t have a kid to shuttle back and forth to her dad’s, and lived in an area where you could ride bikes safely, that might be an option. But it’s not.


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