When is a Date not a Date?

   Yesterday, I had a “first date” that left me completely devoid of butterflies and jitters. I ‘met’ this man through Tinder of all places, and he is exactly the opposite of who you would think you’d find on Tinder. He’s geeky, Nerdy, chubby, and just a genuine nice guy.
   We sent messages through the app for a couple days, then started texting. He texts me all day long, but he never really says much. He keeps saying that he has little experience with dating, and he’s not joking. He’s 40, never married, no kids, and his longest relationship lasted a year.
   I kind of felt the need to speed things along with him, so I told him that I was going to a movie Saturday. When he said it sounded like a good one, I invited him to join me. He suggested meeting up for a drink beforehand so that we could talk. He’s a little quiet, which is just fine by me. I think he was nervous. I was more nervous that I’d want to ditch him by the time the movie rolled around, but it went OK.
   He’s a little hard to read, so I wasn’t really sure how he was feeling. Even though I don’t have much attraction to him now, he’s a decent person with his shit fairly together and he lives close. That is not easy to find, and I’m not going to let a little thing like instant chemistry keep me from giving him a few shots before chucking him over.
   During the movie, he put the bucket of popcorn in it’s own seat between us. There was no physical interaction whatsoever- not even a handshake. I’m usually a hugger, just so that I can smell him and get a sense about him but I try to take my cues from the other person. He made no move, so neither did I.
   He did say at the end of the date that he had fun and thought we should do it again soon. He texted me that night to ask me out again. Yeah, he’s a little like a 12 year old, but it ‘s kind of sweet.


6 thoughts on “When is a Date not a Date?

  1. Thanks for sharing, sweety! I think you’ve followed along and saw I met Mr. Guy on Tinder. Totally didn’t expect to find anyone and he is totally the opposite of my “type”. For me it is going mostly amazing….had our first fight, but that means our relationship has real potential. Here’s to venture out in the dating world!

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