Indecent Proposal

   Since I saw my ex-boyfriend a while ago, I have been thinking…
When we broke up, he had suggested continuing to see each other in a more casual way. I just couldn’t do it at the time. I could now, though.
   It would solve a lot of issues for me. We already know each other fairly well, and know that we get along. We both have some craziness in our lives to deal with. We wouldn’t have to deal with the shitstorm that is online dating, and we wouldn’t always have to be alone. Plus, the sex is amazing.
   So, I made him a proposal. No labels, no family involvement, nothing serious, just hanging out together when we have the time. He said he understood what I was suggesting, and had a lot to think about. I was surprised that he wanted to think about it, but that’s what I loved about him in the first place. I’m waiting to hear, and not holding my breathe…


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