Losing My Shit

   It urns out that I thought I had my shit a little more together than I do. Now that my divorce is final, I lost my medical insurance through my ex-husband, and had to get Obamacare. It’s great that it’s available for me and Kiddo as a secondary insurance, but it means more changes. We will have to change doctors, we can only see our eye doctor for exams and will have to get glasses elsewhere, and I will have to find a new dentist. Kiddo can see the old one for exams, but if she needs work done we will have to go elsewhere. Finding decent doctors in my area is not easy, so this will be a journey.
   I decided to take online classes this semester. I thought that would be better with my traveling for work. It might be, but now I have realized that I won’t have the experience of going to actual classes. I won’t have that schedule of having to be there at a specific time, and I won’t have the personal interactions. I’m feeling like I may become too much of a shut in, so I’ll have to work to avoid that.
   I’ve pissed off my boss, and now I’m not so sure that I can rely on getting jobs like I have been. I am always down the list behind her friends/family, anyway. Time for a back up plan.
   I need to keep reminding myself that things will work out…one way or another.


2 thoughts on “Losing My Shit

  1. Totally understand, honey! I am mostly working through the anger stage, but the snowball effect doesn’t seem to be through with me yet. You will get there, Momma! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

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