It’s Not That Serious

   Yesterday, a friend of mine texted me to get confirmation that someone had been rude to her. She had passed on some business info to a social media contact, and had not received a confirmation or thanks. “Rude, right?”
   I said not necessarily. This is someone that she only knows through social media, not personally. The message was sent through social media…who knows if it was even seen or wanted. The recipient could have lost her phone, been on vacation with no reception, be at the hospital bed of a loved one, etc. You never know what is going on in another person’s life- and social media is not real life.
   If you’re passing on info just to get thanks, don’t bother doing it. If you’re passing on info to be helpful and nice, then no response is necessary. I have a friend, a very good friend…a friend who, more than once sat with me to keep me company in the courtroom as I was going through divorce proceedings. The kind of friend who gladly houses and feeds Kiddo when I am working out of town for extended periods. She tells other people that if she needed help burying a body, I would be the friend she would call…that kind of friend. It is not uncommon for me to get a very delayed, one word, or no response from her. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care- she just has issues with certain communication methods at certain times. I understand and accept this, and if I really need a response I will just call her. Don’t take social media so personally, it’s not that serious.


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