Truth Serum

   Yesterday, I texted my friend to see how her camping trip had gone last weekend. Boy, did I get an earful! It did not go well, and I was not surprised to get an invitation to karaoke a few hours later. It sounded like she needed to blow off some steam, and so did I.
   We talked about her camping trip, and conversation turned to her sister’s upcoming trip. The second trip here this year without her spouse or kids. Turns out that last time her sister came, she connected with a mutual friend of ours and they have been having an emotional affair ever since. The sisters marriage is on extremely rocky ground, and it’s not surprising that she would seek an emotional connection elsewhere, I just hadn’t been around to see it. Seeing that I am friends with both her sister, and the person she’s involved with, she really shouldn’t have told me…but she was drinking wine.
   Then conversation turned to relationships, and the way that you never really know from the outside what was going on inside. She mentioned that a mutual friend had said how surprised she had been to find out another mutual friend and her husband were splitting up because he seemed like such a good dad at the gym when she saw him (and do why would our friend leave her husband?). Of course I had to blurt out that she hadn’t left him, he had left her because she had an affair. I shouldn’t have told her… but I was drinking beer.
   Honestly, without a night at the bar once in a while, I would have no idea what was going on with my circle of friends. Sometimes I regret what I hear or say in these tipsy talk sessions, but it seems necessary to break down the walls and over share a little bit, just for safety’s sake. How else would I find out which two women not to invite round at the same time, or which comments not to make in front of whom?


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