Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch

   After cancelling our plans twice this week ( and keeping me hanging all day yesterday with maybe’s), I decided to back off Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch and let him pursue me. He sent me a text at 9:30 this morning that just said good morning, and that he hoped I had a great Monday. This type of text from him usually indicated that he will be busy in the field for most of the day and is leaving his phone in the office. I texted him back a couple hours later and said that I hoped he had a good day, too. I expected to hear something more at some point in the day…I usually do. Nothing. No “How’s your day going?”…. No phone call as he’s leaving work…I’m not expecting to hear anything tomorrow at this rate, and that’s OK. You can’t force things. It’s better to find out now than to have gotten really involved.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch

  1. Is your relationship exclusive?

    If I were with someone like that, I’d probably not end it outright … but I’d consider seeing other people – at least start to meet other people for drinks etc. It seems clear he isn’t very serious at least at this point, so I don’t think I’d put my heart out there if I were in a similar position.

    At the moment, he has all the power in the relationship. By seeing other people, the power balance would be much more equalized.

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    1. Funny you should ask that. We’ve only been out a couple of times, so too early for any discussion of exclusivity. He did tell me in the beginning that he only dates one person at a time, and I told him that I wasn’t dating anyone else at that time…but it was over a month ago. I’m not ending anything- if he can make plans and follow through with them, I’ll see him. I’m just not pursuing him anymore. I don’t have the time to be trying to find someone new to date right now, but last night when it became apparent that he wasn’t going to make our plans I hung out with my ex-boyfriend.

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