He’s Done it Again…

   Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch has cancelled plans with me again, not once this week, but twice. Friday night we were supposed to have dinner. He went in to work at 3:30am to try and get off early. He ended  up working a 17 hour day. He was supposed to be off this weekend, but had to work Saturday. We were supposed to spend the day together Sunday (today)…he is at work again. It’s an emergency… it’s always an emergency. It’s not that I don’t believe him…I have all the proof that I need….it’s just that I never see him.
   He’s supposed to be going back to his old job. A job with regular, early hours, and no weekends or overtime. He’s just waiting for the paperwork to go through. If that weren’t the case, I wouldn’t even be sticking around. He’s a good guy with long term intentions, but I couldn’t deal with this situation if it were permanent. I really don’t want to be dealing with it now, but the alternative is even worse.


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