That Moment

   You know that moment…that moment when you get a text, and you don’t know who it’s from. Clearly, it was someone that you had been talking to at some time….not important enough to enter into your phone, and you deleted their number.
   When that moment comes, you have to decide if you will ignore it, ask who it is, or just play along.  I just got one of these. I made the mistake of asking who it was. It’s a guy that I went out with a couple of times. Best first date/ worst second date (how does that even happen?), and someone I never wanted to hear from again.
   Oops! Now you’ll just know that I’m not answering you, and hopefully you’ll delete my number.


3 thoughts on “That Moment

    1. Oh, that’s so sad! I hope that one day you get enough courage to have “the talk” with your next soon-to-be-ex. It’s so much better for the other party, and way adultier.


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