Summer is Ending

   The TV is non stop with back to school sale commercials, the craft store already has Christmas aisles, and it was cool enough last night to need a blanket…still, I am in denial. I’m not ready for back to school. I’m not ready for fall. (Although I will take some cooler weather)
  I only have a couple weeks until classes start again, and kiddo is right behind me. I’m desperately trying to cram in all the projects that I have been putting off since last semester. I also have to get our school supplies, my books- and now kiddo wants a desk.
   I feel like I wasted the summer waiting to finish my class. I feel guilty that I didn’t do more with Kiddo…didn’t get the cat a friend….didn’t take a trip or do anything exciting to speak of. This is the course of my life right now, and things will be different when I’m done with school…but Kiddo will be grown by then. I try to strike a balance, but sometimes I fail.


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