Getting Creative

   I used to do something creative almost every day. I was an antique dealer, and I would paint, upcycle, and use old items to create new things to sell. I stopped my business in January and went back to school. I haven’t done much in the way of creativity since then. I have three weeks off of school, and decided that I should use that time to get as many projects done around the house as I can. Today, I hung some artwork, recovered the bench to my vintage make up vanity, and started a painting project.
   I spent quite a bit of time working on these different projects today, and it really made me happy. Being creative is a part of me, and I had been missing it. I love to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty….and I love seeing the results even more.


2 thoughts on “Getting Creative

  1. Nice. I bought two wooden chairs from a thrift store last winter. I want to pick a fabric and reupholster them. I’m unsure how to restore the wood, get the new fabric on, reattach the seat, etc. The easiest part is picking a fabric. The rest, I have to research.

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