Finding My Balls

   I posted a little bit about my last work trip. I got home last night, and now I’m dealing with some aftermath. This trip should have been easy-peasy, but instead it was one shit storm after another. Because I had the final for my summer school class on Thursday (and we had to be at work 11am Friday morning), we didn’t get in to the hotel until 2am. When we went to check in, the credit card my boss had put down for incidentals was declined. We had to call her and have her call the front desk to figure things out so that we could check in. My boss had told us that there was a shuttle we could take to our job site, but when we asked, we found out that the hotel did not, in fact, have a shuttle. My boss told us to take taxis and save the receipts- she would reimburse us.
   Once we got started at work, logistics and IT issues made it considerably more difficult than it should have been, and standing in the sun all day was really difficult for this pasty white girl. My boss wasn’t on site for this job, and neither was the person who hired her. When the park we were working in was evacuated due to a tornado warning, we used our best judgement and walked back to the hotel….in the rain…because we were unable to get a cab. It took 40 minutes. 5 minutes later, they announced they were reopening the park. In fuve minutes. My partner decided to take a shower, and I decided to eat. We ended up walking most of the way back to the park because our Uber driver was afraid to get closer.
   I was asked to bring the three tablets, charger, and leftover incentives from the job home with me, and they would ‘figure out’ how to get them back. I didn’t check a bag, and there wasn’t much room in my suitcase. I also don’t live near where this company is, so I wasn’t sure how they were planning things. I got an email asking about getting the stuff back to them before I even got home. I knew it would happen- they wanted me to pay out of pocket to fed ex it back. I already spent $100 on taxis and Uber that I wasn’t planning on.
   Instead of just saying yes….I explained all of this to my boss. I told her I would do what she needed, but in future not to ask me to transport equipment, mail things on my own time, or pay for things out of pocket (especially since it takes a month to get a paycheck). I was a little worried about standing up for myself. I’m an independant- contractor, and I am hired for each job at a time. I need the money, and have been unable to find other work. I also know that my boss needs reliable and trustworthy employees like me- and that she can’t read my mind. In the end, I was really happy that I found my balls. My boss was very apologetic. She is figuring out a way to get things back, and is sending me a reimbursement check for travel expenses right away. I need to take a lesson and remember this the next time I am feeling taken advantage of.


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