East or West, Home is Best

   I’ve been on a work trip since Thursday. I’m flying home today, Monday, and I’m so ready to get home. I was working at a huge music festival doing market research. It sounds fun being in that environment, but really it just meant being outside in the muggy heat, standing all day in the sun, using port-o-potties and not being able to wash hands, paying exorbitant amounts for food, having to reapply sunscreen hourly and then having all the dust and dirt stick to my layer of sunscreen, and trying to ask questions to a bunch of kids who were drunk or high.
   I did get to see some live music for free, which was great. We also got evacuated due to weather, had to walk back to the hotel, then had to go back when they reopened. Yeah, my feet hurt too much to stay for the last band that I wanted to see.
   There were a lot of issues for this trip, most of which I had no control over. I’m sure they won’t be happy with the data. I can only hope that it doesn’t affect my being scheduled for work in the future.
   Five days isn’t very long in the grand scheme of things, but I am ready to get home. I want to see my kid and my cat, wake up in my own bed, and hug Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch. Hoping yesterday’s storms don’t affect my flights today!


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