Driver’s Education

   My kid keeps coming to me and telling me that “Dad wants me to learn to drive”. Now, getting a job has been added. Even though I was working at that same age, I feel like as soon as school starts, school, dance, theater, and volunteering, will keep them busy, and that they won’t have time for a job, anyway. Of course, it would be nice for them to have their own spending money, but it is very difficult for kids here to find a job.
   We have been going back and forth with the driving thing. I can’t afford to pay full coverage insurance for them, and my car loan requires the driver coverage for my car be full. Their dad has a vehicle that they could drive, if he gets it fixed. I’m not in a hurry for them to be driving, or working. If he wants them to be driving so badly, he’ll have to pay for it.
   He also needs to stop sending messages through them, and speak directly to me. I don’t care if our communication makes his girlfriend mad….we have kids, and they are more important!


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