I finally managed to see Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch for the third time last night. It wasn’t so much a date, as answering a distress call. I had bought a make up vanity, and needed help to get it out of my car. It actually got him here, though. And I didn’t want to be presumptuous, but- third date, and all…
   He single handedly took care of the vanity. We talked and played with my cat for a while, then we moved to the couch and talked some more. Eventually, he kissed me…and we started making out. His hands felt so nice- on my face, in my hair, on my arm….but he was definitely not in a hurry. After an eternity, he brushed his hand over my breast. My nipple immediately responded to his touch, and he liftef up my shirt and pulled down my bra to free it. We’re kissing, and he’s twiddling my nipple, and I’m wondering why we aren’t moving to the bedroom.
   He starts talking about needing to leave. Whoa….you don’t have to leave, but if you’re going to stay, you should go to the store and get condoms. I can tell there’s some internal struggle going on, but I’m not sure what it is. He finally says “OK, we’ll see..” and leaves. I knew then that he wasn’t coming back, but I still didn’t know why.
   He calls me, says it’s too late and he’s heading home. Then he starts talking about not thinking things would go this way tonight (hello-third date!), and not being prepared. I’m not getting it….prepared how? Did he Jack off already today? Yes, that too…does he need a little blue pill? Yes, sometimes- especially when he’s tired like he is now. Maybe you should have told me about all this before you got me hot and bothered, and then ran away. Next time, let’s talk about these things sooner!


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