Setting Boundaries

   I have noticed that some men are unable to set boundaries at work. My ex-husband was this way. He would work 12 (or more) hour days, bring work home, and work on weekends. He was also salaried, so he wasn’t even getting paid for that time. I understand that you have an important job to do, but you can’t do it 24-7.
   My sister’s fiancee is the same way. If he takes a day off, he is fielding phone calls, texts and emails from work the entire time. My ex-husband was a Geologist for a mine, he was always working in mine plans. But my sister’s fiancee is head of security at a shopping mall. I don’t understand what they are constantly contacting him for. I think that some men set a precedent for every little thing to be run by them at work.
   I am afraid that Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch is this same type of guy. He works really long hours during the week, and overtime on some weekends as well. Last night, his work called him at 1:30 in the morning. He had just gone to bed since he wasn’t supposed to work all weekend. The crazy thing is that he heard his phone, answered it- and went in. It was supposedly some emergency, but 12 hours later he is still there. Boundaries! Set them, keep them. Don’t let the people at work take advantage of you, and don’t over extend yourself.


4 thoughts on “Setting Boundaries

  1. My ex was a workaholic. It was part of the reason our marriage failed. I begged and pleaded and was very clear that I needed him to be part of our family, but he could not ever take time off. And when he did, rather then spend it as a family or his son, he would spend time and money on himself. I understand that men want to be secure, but I don’t want it at the expense of an emotional relationship.

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