Making Plans

   So…things are going well with Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch. He’s nice…I like him…I’m attracted to him…he seems to be thinking long term….except it is nearly impossible to make plans with him.
   When we met, he was in the middle of softball playoffs with his daughter’s team. He’s a coach- I get it. That’s why it took two weeks for us to get a second date. When we’re together, everything seems good. Then we start to try and make plans again…
   OMG, it feels like pulling teeth! He has a heavy work schedule, and never knows exactly when he will be off. I do understand that, but at a certain point you have to set a priority and make it happen. If he can’t even squeeze time in at the beginning of a relationship, what is going to happen down the line?
   It’s not just that he won’t make plans, when we do make plans, he changes them. He’ll say he’s going to call/text/let me know something- and then he doesn’t.
   If it’s this much of a struggle getting things started, that’s not a good sign for the long term. He did it again today
His daughter was supposed to have her wisdom teeth pulled this morning, and I was going to sit with him while he was waiting. The time got pushed back a couple hours…OK, fine. They finally get checked in, and I am on my way to get him a Starbucks and meet him at the office….. and they reschedule her surgery….because he let her drink a bottle of water. The initial time change was totally not his fault, but come on- you let your kid drink something the day of surgery after they told you not to? That’s on you. I thought that maybe he would see if I wanted to join them for lunch, since I had already driven all the way over there, but no. Ok, meeting the kid is probably not a good idea yet, I get it.
   He asked me what my plans for later were, and said he’d call me- he needed to get some work done on his truck. Never called, and when I texted he said his oldest daughter was at his house when he got home and he’s been working on her mini van. I had to ask him what the deal for the evening was…. he’s going to try and get his truck finished. Ok, great- I should be working on my paper, anyway. Then he asks what I am doing Sat/Sun? I said that I didn’t have plans yet, and he just said OK. I can’t continue in this pattern. I texted him and said that I am not going to keep days available for him. If he wants to see me, he can make plans- if not, I may not be available. I know he’s busy. So am I.
WTF dude?!


2 thoughts on “Making Plans

  1. That’s a good call you know? But perhaps, it’s fine till its not an ego issue!! ‘If it’s meant to be it will be’ happens in fairytale darling, you want it, you work for it 🙂 all the best! Do post how it turned out!! Loved your post, do check out my writings too 🙂

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    1. He apologized, and we talked a little bit. He said that he’s frustrated with not being able to see me too, but I guess I wasn’t hearing that from him. He still hasn’t made any specific plans for the weekend yet…


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