Open Mouth….Insert Foot

   I may have failed to mention it, but in addition to raising my kid, bowing to every whim of my cat, and traveling for my crazy job….I am also a student.
   I’m nearly finished with my summer school class. The other day, I was talking to a lady in my class. I know that she has a 12 year old, and she’s mentioned a boyfriend, so I figured we have some things in common. I was lamenting how so many men in our age group don’t have their shit together… underemployed, no reliable transportation, no place of their own….etc.
   She paused….then she started to tell me about why her boyfriend did not have any of these things. I was mortified, but she really didn’t seem offended. She said he’s getting his shit together, and good for him. Good for her, actually,  but they have been together 3 years already, and they don’t live together because of his situation. If you’re a loving, accepting soul, and you can deal with that- good on you. I can’t. I’m too practical. I can’t see a future with anyone who can’t provide for themselves.


4 thoughts on “Open Mouth….Insert Foot

  1. Haha I just read the title of your post after reading your story. Aren’t those moments awkward when you bash on a type only to find that the person you are talking to completely relates? *forehead slap*. I have to agree with you though ! Standards. 🙂

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