Falling in Love

   I understand why they call it “falling” in love. I love that feeling. It’s not a gradual descent, but an accidental stumble that leaves you  grasping at thin air. Your stomach does flip flops, your eyes widen with terror, and your teeth grit to greet the unknown.
   Once you have landed, you find that the space you have fallen to is quite comfortable, soft, cozy, and safe. Once you have fallen, you can let the questions go from your mind, and just do and say what you feel; no more anxiety over whether or not the other person feels the same, or if something is appropriate.
   The falling is full of sheer terror, but the landing is pure joy. You now know that you are safe, secure, loved, and not alone. You gaze into each other’s eyes because you have both just made this leap of faith, and landed squarely in each others arms.
(Oh no- not me…not yet, anyway)


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