Second Date Success

   I finally got a second crack at Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch. It wasn’t easy, and it almost didn’t happen, but I’m glad it did.
   I got there first, and waited inside, where I could see him arrive…get out of his truck and walk toward the restaurant…. go back to the truck and get inside….go around to the other side…walk away from the truck…walk back to the truck…..
I was starting to worry that he would get back inside and just drive away. He told me later that he was looking for his phone.
   I was surprised that when he  finally walked in, my heart skipped a beat. When he put his hand against the small of my back, I hesitated a moment so that I could lean into his hand because it felt so nice resting there. Sometimes your body let’s you know something that your brain was unsure of.
   True to form, we spent three hours on dessert. I can’t say that I’m comfortable with him yet, because he actually makes me nervous….but in a good way. Conversation flows well, and I am looking forward to getting to know him better.
   His birthday was this weekend. He told me that someone at work had asked him what he wanted….he said he thought he already got his birthday wish- to go on his last first date. I know it’s corny, and way too early to be thinking that, but it’s so incredibly sweet, too.
   I had to be the aggressor to get a goodnight kiss, but I wasn’t going to leave without one. It was very nice in a surprising way, and I definitely want more.
   He has to take off early from work one day this week to run an errand in my neck of the woods, so he said he would see me then. I wonder how long we could drag a dinner out to?!


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