You Become Who You Are

   The other night, I was thinking about how much my ex-husband has changed since we split up. He has become someone who I don’t recognize….until I reach back into my memory.
   I wonder how he can be so dishonest now….lying in court documents, trying to hide money, and allowing his girlfriend to use his phone to threaten me with everything from litigation to a beating….and then a memory surfaces….
   We were at a dance club, sitting at a fancy booth with friends. The walls were gilt and studded with plastered in medallions. I mentioned how much I admired those medallions, and he spent the rest of the evening prying one out of the wall so that I could take it home. He thought nothing of destroying the property. Another time, we were at a jewelry kiosk at a mall. While I was around one side of the kiosk being helped by the salesgirl, he slipped a silver chain off a stand and into his pocket. He gave it to me later as a “gift”. It wasn’t even something that I wanted.       
   When I met my ex, he was a stoner with no ambition, but he was malleable. I changed him into an educated family man, and a trustworthy employee. I have to remember that his girlfriend found him as he had always been, and influenced him into another direction.


7 thoughts on “You Become Who You Are

  1. Those are those red flags that we so often ignore. Like, you’re not the first, nor will you be the last, who finds someone malleable. And we women sure do like little side projects. You didn’t change him, though. You forced him to walk a line he didn’t really want to walk until he found no more self serving uses for walking that line and pretending.

    Just remember, his house of cards isn’t all that damn sturdy. We reap what we sow.

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