Dirty Bathroom

   There is a man that I dated for a short while, that my friends still refer to as Dirty Bathroom. I know that sounds callous and shallow, but let me explain. His bathroom was not dirty in the normal sense of soap splashed on the mirror, a ring in the tub, and dried toothpaste in the sink. His bathroom looked like the bathroom of an old crack house in the movies.
   There was a mushy spot in the floor in front of the toilet that you couldn’t step on for fear of going all the way through the floor. The hot water knob was missing from the sink, and the cold was caked with slime. The avocado green shower surround was coming apart from the wall, and the space between was filled with black mold. The overflow drain on the tub was missing, so there was just a gaping hole that led outside (and one night I found a rat in the tub that had crawled up into it).
   In all fairness, he did warn me about his house- and about how the way you keep your house is a sign of your mental state. I didn’t get it at the time. How bad can it be, I thought? What is that quote from Maya Angelou about believing people when they tell you who they are? I should have listened closer, paid more attention to what he was saying. Hindsight is 20/20.
   He was, in fact, just as messed up in the head as his bathroom was. He had bought this house, lived in it ten plus years, and raised a son there….all without fixing that bathroom (the only bathroom in the house). He was a sweet man, and sometimes I think of him, but that was just a world of crazy that I didn’t need to get mixed up in.


5 thoughts on “Dirty Bathroom

  1. Ugh, reminds me of a guy I dated a couple of years ago. He was gorgeous and great fun, but he lived in this weird shared house where tenants came and went and no-one seemed to know each other. No-one seemed to think it was their job to keep the place clean, so the two bathrooms were both disgusting. Once when I stayed there, he explained that I should use the toilet in the first bathroom because only that one flushed, but then wash my hands in the sink in the second because the other was broken. And the shower overflowed and there was never any loo roll, I used to bring my own packet of tissues. Never made the connection between bathroom state and mental state but actually that sounds about right!

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