Always Good for a Laugh

   My ex-husband’s live in girlfriend is a never ending source of humor. She is 15 years his junior, and has no kids of her own. She also does not work, and so has plenty of time to try and make my life miserable with ridiculous threats about law suits she is going to bring against me.
   Today’s attempt was hilarious. First of all, she used her own phone to contact me, instead of his ( which is awesome, because now I can just block her number). Secondly, her claims were so ridiculous that I got a good laugh. She’s threatening to sue me for child abuse and neglect…and here’s why:
She claims that I don’t have any credentials to homeschool. She is correct- except that I don’t need teaching credentials to homeschool. In California, we homeschool by operating as a private school. Private schools here are not regulated by the government, and private school teachers are not required to have teaching credentials. BUT, I am no longer homeschooling either of my kids anyway! My son is 19, and has graduated. My daughter has been enrolled in a charter school for a year and a half.
   She claims that neither kid could pass the high school exit exam. My daughter already took the exit exam. She passed with such high marks that she was able to go on a Disneyland trip through school. Both kids took the placement test for the local Junior College at the age of 15. Both kids placed into English 101, and pre-algebra (higher than the exit exam requires).
   She claims that the kids are both functioning below their age level and are unable to perform simple chores. My son has developmental delays and is on the Autism spectrum, so in some ways he is younger than his age- this is what is expected for someone with his issues. Both kids regularly completed not just simple chores, but even more complex chores for me. If she can’t get them to do things, than maybe the problem is HER.
   I have to watch what I say to her, since I know that she shares communication from me with my son, but she will be getting a reply. Maybe just “Thanks for the laugh!”


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