They Should Warn You

   Like most Americans, money is tight for me. My support checks from my ex-husband don’t always come on time, and that doesn’t stop the bills from being due, or my daughter expecting to be fed. Because I am a contract worker, my paychecks are not regular, and sometimes do not show up even when promised.
   I expected to have a fat check waiting for me when I got home from a work trip Saturday night, since my boss had told me she’d mailed them the 4th. Even accounting for the holiday, it should have arrived by Saturday. Nope. No check.
   The check arrived in today’s mail…postmarked the 10th. No wonder! Since I was flat broke, I decided to deposit the check by phone rather than driving to the bank. You know, because I really needed the money. So, I deposited it, went to get lunch, and had my card declined. Squeeze me?! I just deposited over $1200….how can I not pay for lunch?? Well, because that deposit isn’t credited to my account yet. It should post by the end of business today, but still. They should warn you that for using the convenience of phone deposit, your money will be held some indeterminate amount of time. Not very convenient, is it?


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