Over the years, I have lost and gained back weight many times. My largest loss was 70 pounds. It took me 2 1/2 years. Because it was so gradual, many people did not notice the first 65 pounds. When I stalled at that weight, and was already eating healthy and working out like crazy, I went to extremes with diet. I was already eating mostly paleo, but I buckled down and went to complete paleo. That did it, I lost five more pounds…and everyone noticed, even if they hadn’t noticed the other 65. That five pounds was what pushed me over into ‘skinny’ territory. I wasn’t healthy, although I couldn’t see it at the time.
   The funny thing is, even at the weight that was really too low for me, I wasn’t happy with my body. I had unreal expectations about what I would look like after weight loss, and because I didn’t look that way I felt like a failure. My body image got worse, the more weight I lost. I would look in the mirror and still see the heavier me. It was something that really messed with my mind, and it took me a long time to really deal with it.
   So, I’ve recently lost about  20 pounds. It wasn’t even something that I did intentionally, but as a result of dealing with a health issue. I had been suffering from severe GERD, and spent a year trying different medications. Nothing helped, and I was tired of waking up from a dead sleep with stomach acid running up into my throat. So, I decided to treat myself with diet and lifestyle changes. I was already exercising regularly, but I gave up eating deep fried foods, chocolate, caffeine, and alcohol. I wasn’t consuming a whole lot of any of these things, so I didn’t expect it to make much change. It did have an impact….both on my GERD, and my weight. I felt better immediately, and lost weight very quickly- which is also good for stomach problems.
   I started hiking in addition to my regular swimming, and am feeling really good. I also have decided that I’d like to loose another 20 pounds or so. That would put me at what I believe is a healthy weight for me. I was so successful with losing weight by giving up a few things, that I am just going to give up my biggest downfall- baked goods. No more cookies, cakes, or pies. Keep up with the exercise, and that should make a difference.
   Last week at work, an older gentleman followed me into the kitchen to privately compliment me on my weight loss. I appreciated it, as I was having a day where I was feeling ‘fat’. I have noticed that I am likely to have these feelings just when I have really lost weight, ironically. I appreciate the compliments about my weight loss, but it is always an awkward conversation.


5 thoughts on “Compliments

  1. Very brave story, Can I ask what the paleo diet consisted of ?:) Some people who eat paleo have said it doesn’t include meat because they now know of the health problems meat can cause. But then some have said that a paleo diet includes a lot of meat? I’m very confused 😦 🙂

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    1. The paleo diet that I followed was lean meats, fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, and nuts and seeds mostly. It’s supposed to mimic the natural diet that paleolithic man would have eaten before he had cultivated crops


      1. Thanks 🙂 I was always a bit confused when it came to the paleo diet. I followed it too (eating meat too) and my own health problems got better, but then I found a plant-based diet and now all of my health issues are completely gone 🙂 ! I enjoyed your post, very interesting 🙂

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  2. Isn’t it weird how there’s always that tipping point where people notice? Like you work so hard, no one says anything, then all the sudden, at a certain point, EVERYONE notices. Maybe there’s a sweet spot where it starts to show in your face or something? So weird! Also, as far as the GERD… often, when I talk to people about my journey, they tell me I don’t need to lose any weight. When I tell them I’m not trying to lose weight for vanity’s sake- instead, to control my GERD and manage my health… they often don’t know what to say! I’d rather tighten up my diet than barf in my mouth when I lean forward too fast, lol. Congrats on your continued success 🙂

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