No Time to Date

   I have yet to have a second date with Mr. Four Hour Lunch. We text every day, but we are both really busy right now and our schedules just haven’t lined up. I’m hoping that we can figure something out this week, but I’m not holding my breathe.
   I don’t really have time for dating right now. I’m taking a summer school class, and trying to keep my daughter from being bored out of her mind, and, of course- work. I deleted Tinder, Zoosk, and POF from my phone. I’m actually much happier that way.  I still have EHarmony, and if things don’t work out with Mr. Four Hour Lunch, I will pay for that and give it a real try.
   Speaking of Mr. Four Hour Lunch, the other day he told me he had a dream that made him wake up mad. In the dream, he dreamed that he met my parents….my mom liked him, my dad hated him, and then I decided to marry some other guy. I asked him to be my wedding photographer, and he intentionally messed up the pictures, then my mom hated him and my dad liked him. It’s kind of sweet that he dreamed that…it shows where his head is at. But it’s way too early for him to be thinking so seriously….especially since we can’t even coordinate our schedules for a second date!
   I think that I’m going to get really busy soon, between school and work….and I’m glad. This dating stuff is hard work!


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