Can Men and Women be Friends?

   I always think that it’s a silly question…. of course men and women can be friends- sometimes! I think the issues comes up when one person really wants more, or if there has been more in the past.
   I thought that my ex-boyfriend and I were friends. I thought of him as a friend. I thought he thought of me the same way….we were both dating….then he tells me that he still has feelings for me. I was shocked….and horrified. I text him all the time, I was kind of relying on him as a support person. I would not have done that if I had realized I was torturing him by staying in contact.
   Of course, I stopped contacting him…probably better for Mr. Four-Hour-Lunch, anyway. I also contacted his BFF and told her that he really needed her right now. I hope she can get him to open up, because that guy just swallows everything….sooo not healthy!


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