Four Hour Lunch

   I had a lunch date today… he actually wanted to take me to dinner, but lunch was what we could fit into our schedules. Unlike most of the men that I have met lately, he has a good job, a house, and several cars. He seems like a nice guy, and seemed very interested in me.
   I mean, lunch lasted four hours…so it must have went well, right? He spent a lot of time talking about his past relationships, and what he’s learned. He had a lot of those specific questions to ask me….I hate that. But I understand it, too.
   At one point he must have been feeling nervous. He told me to ask him something so that he knew that I wanted to know about him. I told him that I try to avoid that…I just want to get to know the person, and not cross items off a list.
   He did seem to get that, and he kissed my head as we were hugging goodbye. He talked about his Love Languages, which was very sweet. I plan on seeing him again…we’ll see what happens!


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