Who Wears Short Shorts?

   I bought a new, and much needed pair of shorts yesterday. I always have a problem with finding shorts that I like, and these are the shortest pair of shorts that I have worn since junior high- 4″ inseam.
   The thing is, I’m completely comfortable wearing them. It doesn’t have anything to do with my body- I still have thick thighs, pasty white skin, and cellulite. I finally discovered that a lighter colored short did more to camouflage this than anything else. I had always tried black or a dark denim before, which just highlighted the issues that I didn’t like. I also found a cut that fits me well- no back gap from my curves, and no thigh ride up. I won’t say that they’re perfect, but I feel good in them. That’s not something I expected in shorts this short at 42 years old.
   I love that I was able to find a way to work with what I have. It also means that I can wear them with black tops, which I love for Summer- and the black and white looks so crisp and clean. This is the way to love the body you’re in!


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