Lessons Learned

   I keep learning the same lessons from online dating, but this time- I swear they will stick!
1) Hold back
If he is really interested in you, and really interested in a relationship- he will be OK with this. Keep the communication going, but put off meeting just a little bit.
2) Get the 411
There is a certain amount of info that you need to have before you actually bother to meet someone (like that they have a source of income, a place of their own, and a reliable vehicle)….also how involved they are with their kids, if they have them, what their schedule is like, etc.
3) Keep the first meet short, and no physical contact other than a hug
4) Let him be the aggressor… if he doesn’t pursue, he probably isn’t interested, anyway
5) Treat a date like a job interview in how you conduct yourself…they don’t need to know everything all at once
6) Use body language to your advantage…..you can make someone feel more comfortable by mimicking their body language, or showing your attraction to them. Also if you’re not feeling it, you can show that, too.
7) Always leave a date wanting more.


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