4th of Frickin July

   YES, I am hormonal, and yes it makes everything seem worse, but I am preparing to spend yet another long holiday weekend all alone. While families are barbecuing, and couples cuddle under the fireworks, I’ll be home….trying to make sure my cat doesn’t freak out too much.
   I know that I have friends who would invite me over, but sometimes that just makes me feel more alone. They all have each other, and I am just the sad single friend. Find a hobby, they say….join a group, they suggest…you don’t need a man, they tell me. I just don’t think they understand the loneliness of losing a family unit, when you have never lived alone before.


3 thoughts on “4th of Frickin July

  1. That was the first thing I said this morning, to myself of course, “Happy Frickin July.” You aren’t the only one singing the lonely song today. 🙂

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