That Was a Bad One

   I keep meeting these dudes in my area….salt of the earth, blue collar, no apologies, you get what you see kinda dudes. I wish they did it for me, because it seems to be the only guys who live around here. (Well, let’s be honest…. anyone who could live somewhere else, would!)
   I met with another one today. We’ve been texting for a week or so. He’s sweet, considerate, chatty….it was time to do the meet and see if this thing had legs.
   He started off by annoying me by asking at the last minute if we could push the time back half an hour…..because he had just put laundry in the drier. This is after he asked for directions to the restaurant. So I’m supposed to wait because you didn’t have the planning and forethought to manage your time?? I was already out of the shower and getting ready, so it really did bug me. I said OK, though, and planned to be there slightly late so that he was waiting for me. But no, he actually pulled in behind me and was confused by the location….even though I told him the cafe was at the airport. He seemed really excited to meet me, and we went inside. He was talking a lot…..which, I realize some people do when they are nervous, but when the waitress said they were closing in 15 minutes he didn’t get the clue to clam up and eat.
   He also picked a table where we were seated next to each other, rather than across. He seemed to have a hard time maintaining eye contact, and spent most of the time talking about his ex-wife….and what a great dad he is. It’s wonderful that your kids love you….despite how little you see them. I’m not really buying any of the stories that he’s telling, and what I am seeing is that he was devastated by his ex-wife leaving him, and that he’s still trying to pick up the pieces….over six years later.
   Dude was completely oblivious to the fact that the people were trying to close up the restaurant and waiting for us to leave. Then he says he’s out of gas…how’s he going to find a gas station around here?? I asked him if he had a smartphone…..yes, in the car. Trying to be nice, I found him one…and showed him the directions. He asked to follow me there! I have a terrible sense of direction, so I tried to be understanding, even though I wanted to run away. No, I won’t be seeing that one again…


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