The Sad Truth About Zoosk

   I have used Zoosk before, and recently gone back to it again….now I remember why I left, and stayed away so long. Zoosk is the worst of the worst when it comes to making itself seem better than it is.
   You can use Zoosk for free (much like Match, and now EHarmony from what I understand)….but you have limited access. You can’t communicate wore than a canned Wink. So, I payed the $30 or so for a month membership. I did meet a couple serious guys there last time (with serious problems!).
   What I have found is that most of the members in my area are not paid members and cannot communicate. I also believe that many are also old profiles, no longer in use (not any different than what I know about POF and Match, and probably all of them). Let this be a lesson to you….if you do not delete your profile, it will still be coming up…..for YEARS. Do us all who are actively using the site a favor, and just delete the damn thing!
   Zoosk is tricky, in that as you scroll through profiles, it registers as a ‘view’….giving false hope, and encouraging more use. I think this is horrible, and dishonest.
   Worse than that is the free option to Boost or Mega Flirt. I believe I tried the Mega Flirt option, just to see what it does… actually sends out a canned message from you to random people ‘in your area’ (which for me was up to 100 miles away), making them believe that you are wanting to chat with them. This was horrible, and I’m still dealing with the aftermath.
   Zoosk’s Carousel is almost as bad. It works similar to Tinder…a photo, a couple stats….do you want to meet? Yes, maybe, or no. You earn points for maybe or yes, encouraging you to be more lenient with your choices. If you both say yes or maybe, you can use the points to unlock their profile, and enable chat. Once again, leading this person to believe that you are wanting to chat with them when it may not be the case.
   I think that it works worse than most other dating sites, but because you can’t communicate for free it might just be weeding out communications that wouldn’t lead anywhere, anyway.
   In short, I will be leaving after my 30 paid days, and not coming back until my memory fades.


5 thoughts on “The Sad Truth About Zoosk

  1. I met my future husband on Zoosk in 2013 it took me three years of paying for the site I was on it from 2011-2013 before I found Mr. Right but trust me patience can pay off in the end… We had just gotten married in August of 2015 and I could not be any happier with life than I am now… For that Zoosk holds a special place in my heart…
    I believe that Zoosk has you pay for the service as a safety measure and to weed out those who are not looking for serious relationships…


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