Not the Same

   When I broke up with my boyfriend…my last boyfriend….the only boyfriend I’ve had since my ex-husband was my boyfriend….. I left some furniture in his garage. Correction…his family’s garage. Because he and his four kids live in a house with his sister, two of his brothers, and their mom. Yes, it’s a big house….but there are also some big personalities living in it.
   So I knew that one day, he would have to deliver that furniture. We set it up for Saturday, and then it got pushed to Sunday. We fought about the fact that it had to be moved. I had been doing my damnedest to keep my weekend schedule all full, and that left me with an open afternoon. Of course, I couldn’t tell him that.
   I thought that at least he was going to help me out. The big, heavy filing cabinets were finally going to make their way into the living room and I could finalize the placement for all the other furniture. I’ve only been living here since….January?
   When he got here, he just slid them into the garage. You wanted them in the house? I had told him that before, and he said he could borrow a dolly from a neighbor. He told me that I could rent a dolly and do it myself….except that they are so heavy, I probably can’t lift them onto a dolly myself, and now they are  blocking the way into the garage and I can’t get anything in or out. So much for helpfulness.
   I almost broke down into tears over sheer frustration of the whole thing. I am trying to get my garage cleaned out so that I can park my car in it…now I will have to pay someone to come move these things, and honestly I don’t have the mental fortitude to do it…so they will sit and nothing will get done.
   That was when I realized that we are no longer connected in his eyes…he doesn’t care….it doesn’t matter to him that he made my life more difficult instead of easier…I am no longer his problem. When he came in for a drink….my cat wouldn’t even let him pet her. She didn’t recognize him….it’s not the same….


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