The Point of Dating

   I had another date from Tinder last night. I’m telling you girls- Tinder is the shit. People will say “It’s so shallow… it’s all based on looks”…. Yes, true, and if you met someone somewhere in real life that would be the only thing you knew about them at first. At least with Tinder, you know there is some kind of attraction. I mean, to send a message with nothing much else to go on, you have to have that. Maybe Tinder is actually more like natural dating.
   This revelation comes in the heels of having some terrible luck with online dating. There’s just too much information….you start over thinking things…or I do, anyway. I get ahead of myself, and I even ignore the physical aspects in lieu of a great profile.
   Maybe it’s just better to stick with Tinder, meet people, and see where it goes. Honestly, I think the young guns have gone elsewhere by now.


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